Finnish Potato

Finnish Potato Ltd is a family company founded on 2009. Company’s principal aim is to export potatoes to Russia, Estonia and Sweden. Also the newest part of our business is to sell the certificated seed potatoes in Finland.

Finnish Potato Ltd co-operates with a Dutch company KWS Potato B.V:n (former Van-Rijn) by passing on their potato varieties in Finland. The main seed potato variaties that Finnish Potatoe provides are Inova, Piccolo Star, Ramos, Everest and BioGold which is suitable for organic farming. We are also selling free varieties like Sieglinde, Nicola and Bintje.

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KWS open days in Holland

Seed potato breeder KWS Potato B.V. have open days in Emmeloord in Holland

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!

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New homepages

Finally the Finnish Potatoe Ltd´s new homepages are available!

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